About Us

Who We Are

175 years of brand values built in our dna

With over a century of combined experience building and growing some of the world’s most respected brands, our King Spirits team is poised to make a big splash in the spirits industry. Our founder, Steven Busch grew up in the brewing industry, working alongside his father, August A. Busch III and has owned a beer wholesaler for the past 15 years. August A. Busch III brings strategic oversight, unmatched liquid development, sound leadership, and distinguished brand-building skills to King Spirits.


High Quality Products

Provide the Highest Quality Products with Superior Drinkability

Tradition of Excellence

Continue our family's tradition of excellence and emphasis on making friends is our business

Giving Back To Community

A portion of our proceeds go back to the community in the Bahamas

Our Inspiration

We partnered with globally acclaimed marine artist and intrepid fishing adventurer Carey Chen to create art for Walker’s Cay Bourbon. His lifetime of tournament fishing, together with his unique ability to translate those experiences into vivid and detailed art gives us an eye-catching look and a lifestyle connection that distinguishes us from the rest. Carey is the brand’s main Lifestyle Ambassador. Staying true to our core, we are putting a significant focus on visibility and sponsorships at key fishing tournaments and boat shows.

A Touchstone of the fisherman’s lifestyle